21 Day Nourishing Harmony
Within Cleanse for the Healthy Warrior in YOU!

You may ask yourself why cleanse and the answer is…just a spoonful of sugar?
If you’re anything like those rodents that Scientists have tested who find sugar to be more addictive than cocaine, then you are living under the influence. You could be caught up in the viscious cycle of being hungry all the time, irritable and anxious when you can’t eat immediately.

It’s in almost every packaged food. Seriously. Look for it and you will find it. It may come with different labels — cane sugar, crystalline fructose, high fructose corn syrup — but it’s all sugar. This toxic, inflammatory and supersensory stimulant is behind much of what is “mind bending” including panic attacks, brain fog, fatigue, mood disorders and depression. Blood sugar instability comes in the form of insulin resistance and diabetes as well as reactive hypoglycemia. A pearl of hope is that it is diet reversible in just a matter of weeks!

Foods that freak your brain out and cause Autoimmune disease…
Two of the most processed foods are wheat and dairy. They are also in just about every bite an American takes. Research has more than pointed a finger at these foods and their potential to cause mood and cognitive symptoms but major players in autoimmune disease.  Gluten, soy, and corn have been identified as allergenic foods and a leading speculation as to how these foods became and are becoming more allergenic is the nature of their processing, hybridization, genetic modification, and pesticide spraying rendering them unrecognizable and triggering to our immune systems. Gluten (and processed dairy), when digested, result in peptides that, once through the gut barrier, can stimulate the brain and immune system in unpredictable ways. We are now beginning to understand how and why they are so addictive and why it may be so worth it to detox!

What is a Cellular Cleansing?

A cellular detox and cleanse is much more than just changing the diet for a time being while incorporating an herbal cleanse or juice fast. Cellular cleansing is designed to remove harmful toxins and inflammation from the body where they are causing problems at a cellular level. Yes removing the culprits that cause inflammation is key but just as vital to focus and recognize what potential toxins a person encounters on a daily basis then aim to remove them as much as possible from the body and environment.

Just as food does more than nourish the cells in the body it sends the brain information to release hormones that act as chemical messengers.  Toxins due more than just induce a silent inflammation throughout the body, they also mimic hormones making them endocrine disruptors that weaken our organs and tissues causing a cascade of symptoms that tip the body out of balance!

Many people feel the effects of these various toxins and do not realize what is the actual cause.  Prolonged exposure to even some of the 80,000 plus chemicals and metals that are in the air we breath, drinking water, household cleaners, plastic food containers, personal care products, furniture and carpets, mold, flu shots/vaccines (glycosophate is now recognized in vaccines), EMF’s (electro magnetic fields) and foods.

Prolonged exposure to any of these may cause the following symptoms:

  • ADHD and Autism
  • Brain fog
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches or Migraines
  • Dizziness
  • High or Low Blood Pressure
  • Muscle or Joint pain

Picture This: Your personal wellness & lifestyle coach will work with you online for 21-days & you get healthy and slim! Let’s Wake up the Healthy Warrior Within and Get You Started on Learning More on Nourishing the Whole Self Cleanse.

“I thought I’d let you know the results of my trip to my new primary doctor at Crystal Run. I had blood work done on the 26th and I went for my doctor visit last Friday. I lost 11 pounds and my cholesterol count went down from 198 to 148, 50 points. He asked me what I was doing so I told him about the cleanse and that I’m sticking to the Paleo diet. He told me to keep up the good work and if my levels stay that same or lower next time I can go off the med’s I’ve been taking. I was delighted about that. I’m changing my whole way of cooking and Fred really likes the food I’ve been giving him so thanks for telling me about the cleanse and getting me started. I sleep better and I don’t nap in the daytime anymore. I do need to walk more and I’m working on that.” Thanks again, Jean

"I recently completed the 21 day cleanse with Lisa D’Alessandro, and I’m so glad that I did it!

Prior to my cleanse, I was having a lot of problems including sluggishness, stomach problems, seasonal allergies, and feeling drained all the time. After my cleanse I felt so much better. I stuck to the guidelines and used Shaklee smoothies for meal replacements for breakfast and sometimes lunch. This made the whole foods cleanse so easy!

After the last day I was happy to report that I had lost 8 pounds and 12 inches. I had a lot more energy and felt more focused. Also, I stopped needing my allergy pill every day!

This was a very positive experience for me. I learned a lot about what foods my body likes, and what foods don’t agree with me. It’s amazing what a difference 21 days can make!"
— Clarissa S

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21 Day Nourishing Cleanse

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