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Does your child suffer?

I will work passionately together with moms, families, children and teens to encourage healthier lifestyle choices. I lead workshops on nutrition and group health coaching to parents and health compromised individuals who need support and wish to gain greater awareness on how to reach their goals on living well. As a mother who really knows best that kids learn by example, that childhood habits carry over to adulthood and that the majority of society has fallen victim of major agribusiness, marketing and fast-food chains.

What Children Today Need to
Nourish the Body and Mind

By repopulating your intestines with plenty of beneficial microflora (bacteria), you create a healthy inner ecosystem where proper digestion can take place. Here’s literally a pearl for you or your child that my children and granddaughter began to take when she was just four to fuel the friendly microflora, a probiotic complex from Shaklee. Rebuilding the gut with homemade yogurts or kefir, bone broths and taking a quality digestive enzyme for absorption and breakdown of food is crucial.

But you must also start by resting the intestinal lining and giving it a break from eating certain foods that are causing the systemic inflammation while nourishing the body with healthier choices. Humans are not genetically designed to process chemically ridden foods, GMO’s, wheat and gluten of today’s hybridized crops. Limiting excess carbs and sugar is a challenge but let me tell you the benefits of this transition will give the brain a chance to power up because sugar is toxic. As you are well aware of the relationship between sugar and “diabesity”, sugar and heart disease, sugar and fatty livers, sugar and metabolic syndrome, sugar and the risk of cancer, etc…but sugar and brain dysfunction?

Yes our children today take in too much of the sweet stuff and too little of the brain-boosting molecule docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The human brain consists of more than two-thirds of fat and DHA is such a vital building block for the membranes surrounding brain cells helping in the synapses or the optimal functioning. DHA is an important regulator of inflammation and acts as a systemic warrior fighting off intestinal inflammation and regulating gene expression. Our diets do not provide enough of the common dietary omega-3 fats so supplementing is essential.

Every 5 days, the lining in your gut turns over, giving your body the chance to create a new and healthy environment full of microflora. Healing the gut with Glutamine, colostrum, aloe and other key essentials like vitamin D3 is a “must” for repairing anyone’s gut wall.

Removing, replacing, rebuilding...My THRIVE in Five Program is outline with an easy step by step protocol to follow, designed to give one the tools one needs to bring the body back into better balance and one THRIVE (click to see the THRIVE program).

When it comes to a cure for autism or those on the spectrum there’s no magic-bullet since the brain maladies are uniquely different, but they all share one underlying characteristic…inflammation! For some on the autistic spectrum symptoms can and do abate to some extent once following a gluten-free diet all while addressing the nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption syndromes that affect the nervous system if such was the root cause of developmental delays. The parallel trend in the rise of autism and celiac disease is extensively due to an inflammatory disorder and it is well documented that autistic individuals have a higher level of inflammatory cytokines in their system. For that specific reason of inflammation, the neuroplasticity of the brain(the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life) and the profound effect that the Aura PTL II using Low Light Laser Therapy provides is one of the most powerful stimulants for Neuroplasticity known today. It provides waves frequencies that are safe, therapeutically correct in an organized manner that produces an overall systemic effect on the body called Biological amplification. This process explains how systemic, cellular, and clinical effects can occur almost instantaneously after exposure to light therapies.

Laser Therapy uses specific protocols and programs designed to address any or all of related symptoms the results have a measurable effect on Focus and Concentration, Sensitivity or Allergies, Immune Boosting and Emotional Balancing. Schedule a consult today!

What if you could speed up your body’s cell regeneration process by naturally stimulating a specific type of cell or cells you already have within a specific problem area to function properly?

The products in the RCS(Regenerative Cell Signaling Nutraceuticals) line have the ability to signal the body to produce its own peptides or proteins resulting in a regenerative effect and improved cell function. Read Morebrain at cellular quantum