Looking for the quickest fix to manage your health in a holistic manner?

When using energy applied medicine with this unique laser it provides an approach to wellness based on proven and accepted science.  These are some of the basic programs designed to allow the body to optimally function efficiently on all levels.

Utilizing noninvasive FDA-cleared laser therapy to reduce pain, inflammation and promote healing by carrying specific frequencies to the cells. This communication through the body onto the brain, causes the release of natural chemicals which reduce stress and promotes system balance and healing. Specific acupoints are stimulated where peripheral nerves enter a muscle or where the nerve joins a bone. Like fiber optics the laser activates the meridian or the body’s energetic system to bring about relief and balancing.

Clinical program are customized to help eliminate
most chronic conditions such as:

Weight Gain
Anxiety or Depression
Digestive Issues
Smoking Addiction
Frequent Illness
Skin Problems
And More…

Laser Programs and Therapeutic Protocols:

By usng the ultimate tool(Aura PTL II) to assist your body to increase the endorphins and neurotransmitters that specifically support serotonin and noradrenaline levels. The low light frequencies emitted promotes ATP mitochondria biostimulation as the basis for articular, neural and soft tissue conditions. It quickly brings the body back to better balance to heal at a cellular level thru accupoint stimulation which is clinically proven to eliminate acute and most chronic conditions!

  1. A customized care plan which includes low level light therapy, a supplementation and homeopathy program to enhance therapeutic results.

  2. Sessions take about 30 minutes and typically consist of 3 to 12 visits. Most people begin to see results after the first session.

  3. Creation of a maintenance program to ensure your long-term health and wellness goals are reached and sustained.

  4. Each comprehensive treatment program is individualized to each case and condition by integrating advanced holistic medicine with conventional care.

  5. Painless, no needles, no side effects, no down time, no pharmaceuticals just natural effective and long-lasting results.
The Power of Low Level Laser Therapy

BioLight Technologies Aura PTL II therapy leverages the power of lasers in “Low Level Laser Therapy,” or LLLT, to support our bodies’ innate ability to create healing and wellness. Low Level Laser Therapy is a proven technology, backed by research and most importantly, unmatched track results in the industry.

Unlike other LLLT lasers, this product has a number of unique features that provide unparalleled healing and wellness in the patients who undergo  therapy.

The Aura PTL II is the ONLY  low level laser therapy with:

  • housands of frequencies
  • extensive treatment capacities
  • energetic information induction
  • acupoint stimulation
  • integrated protocols
  • homeopathy and whole food nutrition
  • the power of wellness in the palm of your practitioner's hand

Cold Laser Light Therapy

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