It’s been quoted that modern wheat is responsible for destroying more brains in this country than all the strokes, car accidents and head trauma’s combined. 

Depression & Anxiety

Brain Fog Blog
Brain Fog Blog

The brain is involved in how we think, feel, act, communicate and get along with other people.

It’s not only the command and control center of your body, but the hardware of your very essence.  “YOU cannot be who you really want to be unless your brain works right.”

How your brain works determines how happy you are, if you’re anxious, depressed, obsessive-compulsive, prone to anger, forever forgetful or even struggle with addictive behaviors. There are too many people living on prescribed anti-depressants because they have been lead to believe these problems are ‘all in the head’.

Have you ever heard of Dr. Perlmutter, MD who talks about the surprising truth about wheat, carbs and sugar- your brains silent killers in his book Grain Brain.  He states that Zonulin is the cornerstone of diseases characterized by inflammation in the gut.  Gluten in wheat leads to the production of zonulin which is now present in 100 percent of humans. This is a major cause to the gaps in the intestines that opens the tight junctions of the blood brain barrier allowing an excessive amount of neurodegenerative dysfunction.

Toxic leakage and proteins enter into the bloodstream challenging our immune system and other types of white blood cells to increase the production of inflammation related chemicals.  This also blocks the metabolic pathways needed for Seretonin which is responsible for mood, behavior and sugar so left untreated it results in added stress, depression, obesity and addictive behaviors such as smoking and drug use.

If you feel fatigued or lacking vitality chances are you’re not absorbing enough B vitamins from your daily protein sources. These are necessary amino acids that break down to the neurotransmitters that spark our brain functions.  Our gut is known as our 2nd brain and if our gut is leaking so is our brain.  There’s a gut brain axis present and when toxins and larger particulates are crossing over the blood brain barrier, SILENT INFLAMMATION begins to form lesions along the neuron pathways.  This destruction and inflammatory response causes 120 million plus diagnosed with depression from the combination of lack of vital nutrients and the cofactors of inflammation.

68 million children are diagnosed on the ASD spectrum.  Anxiety, mood disorders, Alzheimers, brain fog, depression, Parkinsons, ADHD, dementia or you might just call it ‘scatterbrained’ is all due to the grain brain connection.

If you want to boost your brain power, keep your memory, lift your mood and energy as well as heal from a host of common complaints that even your doctors can not sometimes diagnosis you must cut out the root cause.

Most brain impairment is caused by a consumption of gluten, wheat and sugar molecules known as carbohydrates.  A diet high in carbs is related to atrophy not only in the small intestine but deterioration of the brain.

Unfortunately there is no wiggle room here if you want your gut to heal completely.  This is a viscious cycle as stress causes hormonal imbalance and the necessary production of T4 and T3 receptors which also acts as a protector to the mucosal lining of the small intestine.  When the thyroid is not supported with proper glandular secretions there’s an increase of infections.  When the body is under constant attack and our antibodies are reacting to the triggers like the foods we consume to other airborne particles we breathe they get recognized as invader linking us to more zealous reactions of allergens.  We begin to have little or no self tolerance and our body begins attacking itself causing auto-immune disorders.

Boosting the good bacteria in your gut can profoundly benefit your health. They play a fundamental role in GI health and function along with maintaining robust immunity, keeping inflammation in check, building a stronger metabolism and even better brain health.

In a first-of-its-kind lab study, scientists were able to show that consuming a high fat diet could disrupt normal brain function by altering the bacteria in the gut.  The gut has 10X more bacteria cells and genes than in our whole body combined.  This is leading to a whole new topic as… are we bacterial matter living a human experience or a human living in a bacterial world?  Bad bacteria thrive and manifest into polysacharides causing higher risk for heart attacks and an increase for microbial bugs and parasites…EEEEWWW.  The inner ecosystem of bacteria is also referred to as “the microbiome” and YES, growing evidence now reveals it plays a pivotal role in mental health.

The scientists that conducted this study were interested in finding out if the  “bad” bacteria typically linked to obesity and consuming processed, fatty foods, could alter behavior even in the absence of obesity.  To test this hypothesis, they transplanted the “bad” bacteria from mice fed a high fat, unhealthy diet to the guts of healthy mice previously fed a balanced, normal diet.  Indeed, the healthy mice that received this “bad” bacteria subsequently displayed numerous adverse mental changes including more anxiety, repetitive behaviors and impaired memory.  Additionally, the scientist noted that the brains of these mice also showed significant increases in inflammation

If you want to stop chasing symptoms of imbalance…
my supportive programs involve:

  • Removing the inflammatory foods that have created dysfunction and silent inflammation to systemically alter your optimal health and well-being.
  • Rebuild your gut with quality digestive enzymes for absorption and possibly including HCL for better stomach acid breakdown.
  • Repair your leaky gut with good probiotic rich foods, glutamine and some natural botanicals to help eliminate microbial bugs and parasites.
  • Replace any processed foods, especially fast foods and one’s lacking fiber that “feed” the bad bacteria with an abundant high fiber whole foods diet.
  • Reprogram and Rebalance cellular health and how your body perceives or handles stress.

What if you can get off your anti-depressants and successfully get out of the mental muck that hinders your quality of life or reduce your children’s meds that you believe have supported them, but in actuality will only lead to further insult in years to come?  You can, call 845-699-35636 or contact Lisa for a consult today!

What are you doing to enhance your brain health?

10 Things that Hurt Our Brain

  • Brain Injuries— parents don’t let your kids bounce soccer balls with their head
  • Drugs & Alcohol — red wine “might” be good for your heart but it is not good for the brain
  • Obesity — damages brain function, as weight goes up physical size and function of the brain goes down
  • Smoking — constricts blood flow to the brain so does high blood pressure
  • Diabetes — impairs memory and other cognitive function as Alzheimers is being catagorized as type III Diabetes
  • Standard American Diet – if you eat a junk food diet, you will have a junk food brain
  • Grains and Gluten-the ‘Grain Brain’ connection is proven
  • Environmental Toxins — spell trouble for the brain
  • Lack of Exercise — exercise is the single most important thing you can do for the brain
  • Automatic Negative Thoughts – they are the seeds of anxiety disorders and depression

10 Things that Enhance Our Brain

  • Positive Social Connections— the people you spend time with determine your health and longevity.
  • New Learning — when you stop learning your brain disconnects.
  • Diet — consume the nutrients that help you or the toxins that harm you, the SAD is associated with heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression, ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s. Food is medicine or poison.
  • Giving up the Grain and Gluten — when our gut is leaking so is our brain.
  • Sleep — essential for blood flow to the brain, without sleep there are very serious consequences.
  • Physical Exercise — acts like a natural wonder drug for the brain
  • Healthy Anxiety — for inspiration to change
  • Meditation/Prayer — calms stress, chronic stress restricts blood flow to the brain which lowers brain function and prematurely ages the brain
  • ANT Killing — don’t believe every negative stupid thought you have
  • Gratitude — write down 3 things you are grateful for every day and within 3 weeks you’ll notice significant difference in your level of happiness, this is the best anti-depressant.