The fastest growing epidemic with many Lyme cases that are misdiagnosed because the infection can be difficult to test for initially. These microorganisms likes to hide inside cells, making solitary antibiotic treatment fall short. Once Lyme disease becomes a viral infection as it reaches the bloodstream and into the cells where they continuously feed off of other neurotoxins it makes suppressing and strengthening a process that takes time and vigilance.

A key step in any comprehensive Lyme protocol is gentle detoxification over a period of a few months. With the internal presence of heavy metals, environmental toxins, mold and other toxic accumulations all of which creates more disharmony with chronic inflammation, causing inappropriate or suppressed immune responses. A multi-dimensional detox program can strengthen immunity against the Lyme bacterium, other possible co-infections while supporting every organ, tissue, gland, cell and system in the body.

Furthermore,  the bacteria can develop antibiotic resistance, and even hide in the brain, where the blood/brain barrier blocks out antibiotics.

Again, given time, Lyme's infectious bite creates disease that significantly impairs the body on a whole, but especially disrupting one physically with fatigue and pain.  For all these reasons, a treatment for Lyme requires a holistic approach.  It is a known fact that our ailments result when there's an imbalance on a cellular level which depletes our vibrational energy patterns.  When we treat symptoms on a biochemical level alone, there is seldom a lasting effect as weakened pathways of disharmony which cause our ailments to ignite from a smoldering fire in the first place to re-manifest into a wildfire in the physical body.

A 12 Week Holistic Program


By reducing or eliminating the body’s stress reaction to environmental factors, toxins, foods, coupled in conjunction with dietary supplementation and/or homeopathy these work synergistically to reprogram the body to have a positive or neutral response to stressful substances that cause asthma, chronic breathing difficulties due to inflamed lung tissues.  This program helps push out trapped inflammation that causes dampness and distress making breathing no longer a struggled task but a welcoming to clearly exchange the oxygen needed to take one deep breath after another.

Homeopathy support and nutritional supplements integrated in this 6-12 week program.


Habits are hard-wired connections between the brain’s neurons. Smoking can also be an emotional stress response, but cessation is possible if you are committed to change because fortunately the combination of laser and homeopathy addresses all in just three successive sessions with a 99% effective rate.

In just three visits using specific acupoints and homeopathy support in between sessions this hard knock habit can be given up for good!  Find out today if this program is for you?


The laser does address pain and inflammation and can bring the body into better balance to address those issues head on, but since there’s many factors involved it becomes a bio-individual matter.

Three laser treatments should be considered within the first week-two along with suggested inflammatory support for hydration, diet and supplements.

For Scoliosis: it has been proven very effective using an essential oil protocol using highly anti-inflammatory and bacterial oils to reduce inflammation along the spine where bacteria and viruses are very prevalent. This special certified technique is a combination of using oils along the feet and spine followed by an upper body massage. Incorporating this into a four week treatment plan is highly recommended.


The Weight Loss System that Achieves Long Term Results by Activating the Body’s Own Internal Mechanism that activates Weight Loss Plus so much More and Keeps the Weight Off!

For such an amazing complete body balancing designed to help with food sensitivities that cause silent inflammation, candida cleansing or whole body detoxing, hormonal, adrenal and complete body balancing that will boost your total well-being!! This extraordinary program is for you if you suffer with allergies, auto-immune disorders, have plateaued or become stuck with weight release, suffer with digestive, hormonal distress or moods and stress have become unmanageable.

A total of 18 Treatments – add on Pheonix Products to accelerate and achieve more results:
• Boost Energy
• Increase Metabolism
• Appetite Control
• Enhanced Mental Focus
• Powerful Mood Booster
• Increase Tissue Oxygenation
• Improves Digestion
• Taken for up to 8 weeks for Accelerated Weight Loss
Lost one Dress Size in the First 2 weeks ” In 2 weeks I dropped one dress size. I was not hungry and ate my normal healthy diet. That was the simplest weight loss I have ever experienced. It has now been 3 months and have kept the weight off with no real effort and actually have lost a few more pounds without taking the product now. Really amazing product” – A. Parker


Allergies and food intolerances have become more pronounced because of excessive inflammation in the stomach and intestines from food sources causing a leaky gut which creates the onset of auto-immune disorders and immune system deficiencies as well. This program addresses all possible factors that possibly trigger an immune response and helps the body self-correct any or all sensitivities that suppress the body’s optimal well-being.

Stress is often caused by an inappropriate neurological reaction to environmental triggers, sometimes known as an allergy. This laser incorporates targeted stress-inducing substances into the light therapy which serve to break these negative associations and painlessly eliminate the debilitating symptoms caused by this response cycle.

Homeopathy: By using the minimum phsyological dose of natural healing substances matched to the patients allergies or symptoms activates the body’s innate restorative powers.

Supplements to Rebuild and Repair the Leaky Gut with Glutamine, aloe, colostrum and Probiotic plus will help you reboot and rebalance in this 12 week program.


This is designed as we need to practice what we preach and to make this benefit all who come into this life changing program. As the saying goes ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ and we now know that there is 200 plus carcinogens found in the umbilical cords of newborn babies and our gut flora is really depleted from modern day diets and stress so usually if there’s disharmony with a child the mother or another sibling is out of balance as wel

From my very own personal experience with my own compromised children to the number of clients who present with this situation I feel for you all and want to help your family reap the rewards these treatments provide and be able to experience this special priced duo program!


This could be you as so many suffer with symptoms yet, not put all the problematic pieces together. Take the Candida Yeast Test here This ideal program helps assist your body into eliminating very difficult yeast and mold culprits that usually needs to be 100 percent accurate in removing all diet components that produce symptoms. With this program it will lessen some inflammatory responses by certain foods, chemicals and promotes healing support on all levels so the body can deal with stressors

Anti-inflammatory diet recommended as well as homeopathy and supplementation support a necessary adjunct.


As diet, lifestyle and stress can really play havoc on our hormones and lead to numerous symptoms of imbalance from mood swings, headaches, tiredness, anxiety, irregular bleeding, weight gain, menstrual cramps, low libido, endometriosis, hair loss, poor memory, vaginal infections or UTI sensations, infertility and insomnia. This is extremely beneficial for women to help the endocrine system regain balance and feel the bliss as your glands begin to function more optimally. The female hormonal cycle is dependent on the proper release of hormones from the pituitary, thyroid, adrenal and ovaries as well as the necessary performance of the uterus and liver during the monthly hormonal cycle.

A hormonal imbalance can sometimes mimic a nervous breakdown and contribute to chronic fatigue.  To reclaim balance, sleep, a revitalized sex life or just to feel focused and energized the hormone cure requires a paradigm shift in lifestyle design of nutritious foods, nutraceuticals, herbal or essential oils protocols, proper exercising and stress management…another reason the laser proves effective as it signals the release of needed serotonin(the calming hormone released in the gut).

As we are all bio-individual and usually more is entwined in diminished health, let's consult and see what your needed program should consist with treatments and support!


The thyroid system plays a critical role in your metabolism as it is one of the biggest contributing hormone glands that control your weight and metabolic functions.  While the thyroid sends hormones primarily thyroxin out to other endocrine glands such as the pituitary, adrenals and the reproductive glands, the pineal, parathyroid and thymus all of these get addressed in order to create balance to the entire nervous and endocrine system.

Many Americans struggle with a sluggish thyroid contributing to hypothyroid symptoms that disrupt optimal thyroid functioning.  Sometimes a blood test will verify this while mostly it remains sub-clinical with a blood test coming back normal while the manifestation is still real!

Symptoms of Hypothyroid dysfunction include:

  • Depression
  • Mental issues and Memory Loss
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Chronic Constipation
  • Hot Flashes
  • High Percentage of Body Fat especially mid-belly
  • Infertility
  • Losing Hair and Disappearance of 1/3 of Eyebrow
  • Chronic Stress
  • Cold intolerance
  • Abnormal menstrual cycles

Other factors can include adrenal insufficiency, a goiter can sometimes cause hyperthyroidism, autoimmunity is on the progressive rise with Hashimoto disease  also iodine deficiency can result from environmental and chemical pollutants.  Flouride and chlorine from public water supplies, toothpaste and even bromine added intentionally into breads, sports drinks and citrus flavored soda’s bind to the iodine receptor sites making this another conglomeration of inflammation and stress on the bodies tissues, organs and glands.

Compromised thyroids lead to a host of underlying stressors and an individual program with homeopathy and nutritional support will be advised during this specialized protocol period.


This autoimmune disorder of the soft tissue produces general pain in the soft tissue that can be relentless and depending on the stage, sleep can be interrupted. This is an acid condition in which the liver is toxic so two other laser protocols are weaved into this treatment for neuralgia pain, detox and cleansing. Some best natural remedies for fibro is also to consume omega 3 fats, proteolytic enzymes, MSM and essential oil treatments.

Supplements and Homeopathy, including Adult Stem Cell Nanoparticles are highly recommended


Pain and inflammation has gone viral, literally. Open affected skin area prone to blistering and if occurrence is around the eye area or forehead consult an Opthalmologist immediately because nerve symptom here can cause blindness.

Two visits may all you need as that has been what my clients have experienced for relief when including Raindrop Therapy Treatment as well.


When the body is depleted at a cellular level and not receiving the appropriate information to function optimally imbalance occurs on all systems.  Stress, physical and/or emotional disrupts nerves, hormones, adrenals, chemically and emotionally the endocrine, organs and tissues need to be supported to help bring the body back to balance to help the nervous system relax.  Insomnia is the inability to get the amount of sleep you need to wake up feeling rested and refreshed. Insomnia is defined by the quality of your slep and how you feel after sleeping- not always the number of hours you sleep.  If you feel drowsy and fatigued during the day, you may be experiencing insomnia which usually means there’s underlining symptoms of another probl

For some it may require a few visits, but for the majority it may take up to 12 in order to bring balance and better support to the body and brain that is not well nourished and overly stressed.


Need to lift your spirits… by sending the appropriate information to the brain and helping it release the natural Seretonin that boosts mood, behavior, depression, anxiety and gives us an overall ‘feel good” response -the Aura PTL II is unique for this ability.  There’s much involved with this process since most Seretonin is released in the gut where the root cause begins.  Due to the zealous inflammation that disrupts the amino acids from chemically releasing the neurotransmitters that are responsible for optimal brain function this program optimally promotes balance and healing to the entire body on a systemic level.

Brain power and peace n calming homeopathy spray’s or essential oils used in adjunct for optimum support!

Laser Programs

These holistic products are all based on the Chinese model of medicine and paired organ relationships. This component of our healing process not only focuses on physical healing but also works to facilitate emotional healing.

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