Silent Inflammation leads to

Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disease

Embracing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle thwarts the progression of chronic diseases.  Just as it will activate your longevity genes. Ideally , you NOT only manage fatigue, joint pain, digestive disorders, thyroid imbalance, cancer and cardiovascular disease but it will allow you to look and feel younger, stronger aging gracefully.

Anti-inflammatory or a nutrient dense plant based diet is the strategy for longevity.  The big why here is that inflammation is the root cause of ALL disease.  The big where it begins is in the gut which is responsible for 75% of immune function.  The correlation is to heal the Leaky Gut - for some that is confusingly the big questionable, what?

Inflammation is more than the recognizable rednessness, swelling, heat and pain that comes from an increased blood supply to an infected area.  Inflammation triggers an immune response that silently creates an invisible and silent bodily response which then causes the challenges and tips the balance that can affect just about all of us.

Leaky Gut May Be the Root Cause of Your Health Issues:

Blood sugar imbalances
Body aches and pains
Congestion and sinusitis
Depression and Mental health issues
Digestive distress(IBS, colitis, crohns and constipation)
Exhaustion and fatigue
Excessive sweating
Indigestion and heartburn
Metabolic chaos
Skin irritations
Weight gain from muffin top to bulging belly
Weight loss resistance

Living the lifestyle to suppress the chronic inflammatory response is all about making better food choices and reducing the culprits in order to tame the raging fire within.  Giving one’s leaking gut what it needs to heal; the bio-individual eating plan depending on how this has compromised and weakened other organs and tissues leading to chronic conditions.  

It’s A Whole Body Approach Including Supplemental Support to Help Specific Types of Imbalances:

  • The Candida Gut,caused by a high-sugar diet, antibiotics and chronic anxiety, healed by a diet low in sugar/high in probiotic foods, coupled with probiotic supplements and herbs like oil of oregano and pau d’arco.
  • The Gluten Gut, caused by genetics, excessive inflammation and leaking that takes elimination, an understanding of what’s cross-reactive for diet specific healing and the right Gluten support supplements.
  • The Stressed Gut, caused by emotional stress, trauma and adrenal issues, treated with a nutrient dense diet, as well as adaptogenic herbs and minerals to support the stress response.
  • The Immune Gut, caused by foods sensitivities that can be healed by diet, including bone broth, digestive enzymes and probiotics.
  • The Gastric Gut, caused by a sluggish digestive system and treated with specialized digestive support, enzyme-containing foods and fiber for colon cleansing support.
  • The Toxic Gut, caused by environmental toxins and treated with a modified fat diet and liver support formula’s and detoxing essentials.

For a whole body approach to dial down on inflammation, to begin healing the gut and reducing stress is my 21 Day Nourishing the Whole Self Cleanse.

Let’s get your body to THRIVE as I can take the guess work out of where to prioritize and offer recommendations for bringing balance, health and happiness back into remarkable body!

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Inflammation Lifestyle for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Gluten, wheat and their lectins provoke an inflammatory response in everyone!  In about 80% of people they precipitate changes to the intestinal wall which allows various compounds, food particles and bacteria along with their immune suppressing toxic components like lipopolysaccharides to enter the bloodstream.  This is why today individuals are more susceptible to diabetes, cardiovascular and auto immune disease.

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