At the very core of my practice is the revolutionary Cold Low Light Laser Therapy, offering Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy. Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy or NSRT provides a novel and unique approach to wellness that is based on proven, accepted science, allowing patients who generally have very few if any treatment options to experience symptomatic relief.

This technology and science are based on these four facts

  1. Stress causes or exacerbates most health related conditions: “According to The American Medical Association (AMA), stress is the cause of 80% to 85% of all human illness and disease. Every week, 95 million Americans suffer some kind of stress-related symptom for which they take medication.
  2. A general reduction of stress levels can significantly decrease symptoms of many conditions.
  3. The brain creates associations between stressful events and substances which are often times inappropriate and subsequently lead to a host of chronic and acute conditions: For example… “Allergies are abnormal or inappropriate reactions of the nervous system that occur in response to otherwise harmless substances.” – Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia
  4. If these associations can be broken, by introducing a positive stimulus in conjunction with the specific stress inducing substance… symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.

STRESS is the key word. It’s the body’s natural “stress response” or what some call the “fear, fight and flight response” originally evolved for survival when threatening events were of relatively short duration. This is adaptive and health professionals call it “acute” stress. However, we are now commonly faced with prolonged and “chronic” stress that may impact the integrity of the immune system itself and lead to increased risk factors for a variety of diseases.

Chronic stress builds up by sheer attrition with physiological symptoms that can be systemic and inflammatory based such as allergic reactions, autoimmune, rheumatologic and cardiovascular disease based are and at least in part, responsible for the havoc wrought to the body. Chronic stress can sometimes damage receptors in the hippocampus and compromise healthy immune functioning. (2)

The Aura PTL II, is a true LLLT device that is complex in their actions because they are designed to stimulate the physiology of the body through a mechanism called biomodulation or photobiomodualtion.   Biomodulation is the process of changing the natural biochemical response of a cell or tissue within the normal range of its function, stimulating the cell’s innate metabolic function and it’s capacity to respond to a stimulus.  The most profound physiological effects of LLLT lasers is the effect of Neuroplasticity.  Neuroplasticity represents the brains ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life.  Neuroplasticity provides a way for nerve cells(neurons)  in the brain to respond and compensate for injury, environmental stressors, and disease and adjust neural activity in response to a new situation or to changes in the environment.  Specific positive stimulus sends messages to release of endorphins and enkephalins triggered by nerve bundle stimulation(specific acupoints) during light therapy sessions

Endorphins and enkephalins are the body’s natural sedative and pain killer and upon release calm the autonomic nervous system, breaking the previous negative association and replacing it with a neutral association.

The net result is the positive conditioning or successful neurological relaxation training of the ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) to no longer respond in a stressful manner during real world substance exposure.

Why is that so important?

The stress response is the first step in the cascade of events that end up with sneezing, sniffling, sinus pressure, gas, bloating, diarrhea, itching, welting and burning skin irritations, wheezing and difficulty breathing. These are all symptomatic expressions the body uses to expel toxins or substances it believes are harmful to the body through the nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, integumentary (The skin) and musculo-skeletal systems.

All of these conditions can be described as being kicked off with an Autonomic Nervous System Mediated Response. NSRT (Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy) is very effective at alleviating or eliminating the triggers that lead to these symptoms.

Our devices are not meant to diagnose or treat any specific condition. The benefits of reducing stress on the nervous system however, and reducing or eliminating autonomic nervous system mediated responses, can have wide reaching positive effects on a number of symptoms and conditions that previously had limited therapeutic options.

NSRT has been proven to greatly reduce or even completely eliminate the symptoms associated with:

• Allergies
• Asthma
• Autism
• Eczema/ Psoriasis
• Insomnia
• Bed Wetting
• Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

The benefits of NSRT are further magnified due to the fact that our procedure is fast, highly accurate in substance specific assessment, non-invasive, painless and extremely effective. NSRT requires no drugs, no needles and no dietary restrictions making NSRT a safe and holistic alternative for patient care.

Our goal in Natural Energy Medicine is to deliver and/or manage the body’s information. This includes all information from the programs and information that we were born with, for example, the shape of your nose and how the immune system is supposed to function. Managing the body’s information is also tied to how memories and emotions link to every piece of information our body gathers from our five senses.

(2)McEwen, BS. Hatch, MM, Hatch H. The Neurobiology of Stress: From Serendipity to Clinical Relevance. Brain Res 2000 Dec 15: 886(1-2):172-189.

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