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THRIVE stands for:

Harmony, Health
Restore and Replenish
Eradicate Disease

I will work passionately together with moms, families, children and teens to encourage healthier lifestyle choices. I lead workshops on nutrition and group health coaching to parents and health compromised individuals who need support and wish to gain greater awareness on how to reach their goals on living well. As a mother who really knows best that kids learn by example, that childhood habits carry over to adulthood and that the majority of society has fallen victim of major agribusiness, marketing and fast-food chains.

To achieve wellness within is to discover What Every Body Needs which is empowering and exciting as you create the life you want and deserve for yourself and family.

Creating True Wellness Within…

It’s also important to discover if your food choices are causing you to have uncontrollable cravings? Are there harmful ingredients which you may unknowingly have an intolerance towards but consuming? You will discover how toxicity and deficiency ultimately might be rendering symptoms of depression and disease. My sage advice for you now is to think twice about feeding your bodies calories with little or no nutritional value…salt, sugar, saturated fats, processed foods and let me help you “white it out” together!

You can THRIVE if you recognize the factors under the surface.  True health is within your reach – you may just need some help.  Modern science has proven we are what we eat and more so what we digest and the guts imbalance determines the degree in which disease has caused recognized symptoms.  Nourishing Harmony is how I can give you the tools and resources to achieve better nutrition and health. The doctor of the future.

What’s Going On In There?

As a Functional Nutritionist I delve deeper into your chronological history to get to the root cause of what your hidden symptoms reveal.  It is how genetics, environmental factors, underlying triggers, physiological stressors, lifestyle choices all lead to a state of dis-ease in the body.  It’s a body/mind paradigm with my strong belief that food and nutrition are keys to unlock the full physiological potential.  How the body digests, absorbs and utilizes nutrients is where the broken system needs to be restored, replenished and revitalized.

When important nuggets are assessed it reveals the hidden weak links that cause gut dysfunction, metabolic chaos, hormonal havoc, compromised immunity, brain drain, nutritional deficiencies, auto immune disease, allergies, infertility, skin issues and other chronic conditions.

Let’s take care of Underlying Stressors:

Triggering Events, Toxins, Hormonal Imbalance, Reduced Energy and Nourishment, Reduced Cognitive Function, Inflammation, Imbalanced Immune System, Vitamin Deficiencies, Environmental Factors, and Emotional Beliefs.